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How do you ensure you have enough students to be viable?

Finding the best learning style that works for a child can be tricky, some will excel in group situations while others need one-to-one help, some will gain confidence from being nurtured while others benefit from a more formal setting. For parents, finding the right tutor is a blessing but where to find them is so tricky.

Many tutors advertise on national, faceless sites that offer little credibility, some rely on word-of-mouth but that can mean that they have to take what they can get and often spend more time driving between student homes than tutoring and earning.

Having been central to the local community of Sussex and East Surrey for over 15 years, we also understand the difficulties encountered by tutors and tuition centres when marketing their services locally.

Girl with online tutoring
  • Should you carry on advertising when you nearly reach capacity?
  • Can you afford to advertise when you only teach a few students?
  • Where will you get the best response as budgets are often tight?

At Your Education Uncovered, we’ve got the audience of parents with a keen interest in their children’s education, and we’ve got the editors to write informed educational content that will also be shared on Social Media.

We’re also trusted by the community and we already have great relationships with local schools, colleges, tutors and tuition centres, so it makes sense to link you all together! 

A subscription with Your Education Uncovered will give you peace of mind, knowing that you have the best of both “marketing” worlds covered with a regular and affordable campaign in print and online. Your services will marketed monthly through letterboxes of homes in your local area and this is backed up with your online directory profile showcasing in much more details the full range of your services and availability. 


Tutor Featured Listing
from £50 per month
  • Featured online listing
  • Regular advertising space in RH Uncovered
  • Opportunity for published online interviews
  • Opportunity to submit guest articles on specialised subjects
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