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We have been central to the community, publishing news and copy since 2006, and with over 15 years of building relationships with local schools, colleges and tuition centres and with interaction with our readers, we identified a demand for a central hub where all schools, colleges and tuition centres have a platform to promote events, highlight specialisms and publish PR and success stories. 


We also spoke to parents.  Never has there been greater concern about education or more of a need to help students achieve their potential.

With all this in mind, we have developed a website that will link schools with families and which provides parents with topical, editorial content at both local and national level, whilst giving educators the opportunity to present and promote themselves in a structured, visual format.

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This site is a portal where parents can view schools to find areas of specialism, can read “Meet the Head” features or find a private tutor to help improve grades and boost confidence.

Our site is also a centralised point of information where participating schools can post results and publish their PR – so many good news stories aren’t being seen because newspapers are no longer publishing and social media posts are only read by the school’s own followers, gaining little interaction or new readers.


Your Education Uncovered is an unbiased online showcase of educational establishments in the Sussex and Surrey area and a go-to guide for parents.

YEU, best of both worlds...


Available “24/7/365” with up to the minute information and listings, always here when needed!

In Print… 

And through the letter box of houses throughout the local community as part of RH Uncovered’s regular content

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