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I’m Erin, I’m a Business and Management student with a strong passion for ensuring the next generation get the quality of education they sincerely deserve. I’ve been through the system; I’ve seen the struggle it can be as a student wanting nothing but success. It can be a very daunting experience.

I remember being sat at my kitchen table in year 6, clueless as to which school would be the next best step for me. My friends going one way and the league tables showing me I should be going the other. I can only imagine the confusion and sleepless nights parents must face.

Throughout my years in education, I got all the badges on the way, Sports Captain, Prefect and Head Girl, these roles were so important to me as I always wanted to do everything I could to help make parents feel more at ease with the decisions they were making.

I would speak to endless queues of apprehensive parents at the end of open evenings with 101 questions about the school, about me, and about my experience.

Erin Porter

Like most, I found school a bit of a bumpy ride, there were so many highs but then there were naturally also times of stress and uncertainty. Unfortunately, I was part of the unlucky school year that had every challenge thrown at us. The year of new SAT’s… my year, the year of new GCSE’s… my year, the year of Covid-19 upturning A Levels… of course, my year.

I’m now studying at University and yet have never even stepped into the building. Settling into University is a challenging time in itself, but Covid-19 ripping away your opportunity to meet new people and make new friends, made the whole experience a lot more difficult.

Feeling as though you’re on your own and you’re the only one with this dreadful start to University. It was hardly the freshers experience I’d dreamt of since I was little. I had no idea others were feeling the same way, all you see on social media are the positives, everyone looking like they’re having the time of their lives, but that isn’t the reality.

School books and board

Having all these obstacles tripping me up on my educational journey, I wish I’d have had somewhere to know others are experiencing the exact same thing and advice on how to cope with it all.

I remember at times feeling like I was falling behind and had exams slowly creeping up on me, I tried to get tutors but found it impossible to find one. My parents and I would be searching through hundreds of pages on global tutor websites with faceless contact numbers.

As a young child having a random person turning up at your house and being forced to do calculations, as you can imagine it was very overwhelming and in hindsight, I’d wish to have even see a picture or a review, for my parents to know I was safe in their capable hands and most importantly, that they were DBS checked. But much to my dissatisfaction, there was no available platform at the time.

Years later, I am now Digital Editor for Your Education Uncovered and I want to help answer all your questions, to make your life easier. We want you, as prospective parents and students, to look to us for all your support and guidance in getting yourselves or your children from primary school right through to college and applying to University. All information about all your local schools in one place and most importantly free! We recognise that you only want the best from your education or your child’s, so why should you pay a fee for this? We will be flooding our website with the answers to all your questions, information on schools, tutors and any local upcoming news or events. We will also be providing help and support to students of all ages and phases of education. We hope we can take some weight off your shoulders!

If you have any questions for me, or if there is anything I can assist you with feel free to email me at or to join the conversation click here for our Facebook page or find us on Instagram – @youreducationuncovered

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