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Reducing the risk of Covid-19 in the classroom

Take the essential precautions to reduce the spread of coronavirus. Now children are back at school, we of course want to keep the schools open and safe for everyone. So, there are some steps we can take to make sure we’re doing everything we can to stop the future generation being deprived of any more of their education.
  1. Follow government guidance
  2. Take school advice
  3. Regular testing is key!
  4. Teach children the importance of washing their hands and the correlation it will have to them seeing their friends every day!
  5. Send them to school with hand sanitiser – a jazzy bottle or a fruity smell may be more likely to get them using it than your standard bottle of Carex.
  6. Put a reminder on their lunch box to sanitise before eating!
  7. Use a tissue or elbow when sneezing or coughing to reduce the spread.
  8. Encourage children to avoid touching their faces, including eyes, nose and mouth.
  9. Regularly check for any signs of Covid-19.
  10. Clean resources every day when home from school – grab some antibacterial wipes and give that stationary a clean, schools are doing their best to keep children using their own resources, but it’s always best to be safe.
  11. Where possible try to avoid children bringing in toys from home.
  12. Out of school avoid all situations which will increase the likelihood of them contracting the virus.

Of course, children are young and just want to have fun with their friends, they may not understand why they can’t hug their best friend or share water bottles, so it’s important to show them why it’s so beneficial to be safe so they can see their friends and stay healthy. If we all take the necessary precautions now, hopefully normality will be round the corner.

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