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DIY Halloween Costumes

So, its October 30th and you’ve just remembered your child is meant to be out trick or treating tomorrow evening. You don’t want to break the bank on a costume just for one evening that they’ll have grown out of it by the time next year rolls around. Grab your needle and thread and get creative!

The DIY Witch

  1. Grab some gingham fabric
  2. Cut two 31- by 20-inch rectangles
  3. Sew the ends together, leaving armholes at the top of the rectangle
  4. Fold in the top 1 inch of the fabric and sew a channel, leaving a 1-inch opening
  5. Thread a ribbon or string through the channel. Once on, pull the ribbon to gather it at the top
  6. Cut a 3 1/2- by 36-inch strip from black eyelet fabric.
  7. Sew a hand-running stitch along the edge of one of the long sides
  8. Leave a knot at one end and pull the string on the other side to create gathers.
  9. Pin at the back of the costume or add a snap.
  10. Finish with witches’ hats. (You know you have one lying around somewhere)

DIY Ghost Costume

  1. Find yourself an old white sheet or duvet, one that was headed for the bin.
  2. You may also want to get hold of some black felt, but this can be substituted for any other black material (get innovative – an old black top will do).
  3. Fold the sheet/duvet in half and measure it against your child, cut it so it sits just above the ankle and cut out a semi-circle on the fold for a neck hole. It can be warn as a poncho or feel free to make some arm holes.
  4. Use the black material to make a scary ghost face.
  5. Either stitch on the ghost face or if your artist capabilities won’t stretch that far grab some glue and attach the material in the centre of the sheet/duvet. (A good idea is to try on the poncho before attaching the face so you can map out where you want it to sit.)

DIY Cat Costume

  1. Get yourself a wire hanger, you only need one, cut off one end and bend it to your favourite tail shape.
  2. Wrap the tail-shaped wire hanger in fur or feather (whatever you can find at short notice). Hot glue into place as you go.
  3. Finally, attach it to some elasticthe size of your waist or your little person’s waist, and there you have it.  A tail that actually stays up and stays put.
  4. Cut a piece of feltthe shape of a cat ear. You could stitch a little satin piece on the top to make it extra cute and to add a little dimension.
  5. Hot glue the fur/feathers on the outer edge of the ear.
  6. Gather the bottom of the ear together and stitch or hot glue into place.
  7. Hot glue some clipson the back.
  8. Simply clip the ears on, if the youngster has long hair, maybe pop it into pig tails and they’ll be easy to attach.
  9. Now for the fun part, pinning them down long enough to draw some whiskers and a cute little nose.


Remember to be safe if you go trick or treating.

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