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Where to purchase school uniform for a reasonable price:

It’s far too easy to spend a fortune on school uniform that will last a year at most and will most likely be ripped or lost by the end of the term. There are many retailers and supermarkets offering great deals if you know where to shop! Stock up in multiple sizes whilst the prices have been slashed…

  1. Aldi – school uniform from £4.50. Currently, if you head down to your local Aldi you can purchase a full school uniform from £4.50, but hurry these will sell out fast!
  2. Matalan – school uniform bundle from £10, in store or online you can grab this great deal for ages 3-16.
  3. Morrison’s – just £11 for a full school uniform including a polo shirt, sweatshirt and skirt or trousers.
  4. George at Asda – polo shirts starting at only £2.50 and a full uniform from £11.50.
  5. Sainsbury’s – they’re offering a full school uniform from £12.50 both in store and online.
  6. Tesco F&F – starting at £14 for a full uniform, in store only!
  7. M&S – a full school uniform for ages 2 – 16 from £19.
  8. John Lewis – school uniform bundle from £22.

Keep an eye out as often there are back to school deals over the summer. Remember to buy spares of everything as they will always come back covered in mud and god knows what else!

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