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Making friends at school…

You may be starting at a new school in September and feeling a bit apprehensive about making friends and meeting new people. You have to remember even those with the bravest of faces will also be feeling the nerves. There are ways to make these first days a little bit easier…


Join clubs to find friends with similar interests then you know you will have stuff in common!

Talk to someone new, if you see someone having lunch on their own, why not go over and sit with them? You may get on better than you think.

Ask open-ended questions and have a conversation with new people, it’s important to be a good listener!

Give a compliment. Saying something nice to someone can be a great start to a friendship, a simple compliment on their hairstyle or shoes will put them in a good mood and show you’re a nice person.

Using body language can really help to make friends – smiling and making eye contact will reassure the other person you’re interested in the conversation.

Find out what films or music others like so you have a topic to talk about. If they suggest one you haven’t watched or listened to, give it a go and let them know what you think the next day.

If you have some friends, try meeting their friends, it’s likely you will also share common interests with them.

Exchange contact information like Snapchat or Instagram when you meet new people to ensure you stay in touch.

Most importantly be yourself! If everyone was the same, we would live in a very boring world. You have a lot to offer and have a great personality so don’t try to be anyone else.

Don’t panic if you don’t leave your school or college with hundreds of friends on the first day, true friendships take time. Over time you may find new interests and meet others with the same passion, this doesn’t need to happen straight away. Just be yourself and the rest will fall into place.

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