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Back to School Routine

September is the perfect time to establish a routine, start the year as you mean to go on. Here is everything you need to make your mornings run a little bit smoother:

  1. Lay out your clothes for tomorrow – save the stress of the tights still being in the wash and the shirts not being ironed yet.
  2. Make lunch the night before – or even get the kids involved in making their lunch (this will save you throwing away untouched sandwiches because they decided that day, they don’t like ham).
  3. Have breakfast ready to go. You can even go as far as to have the cereal, bowl and spoon all collected and in position for a speedy run round the kitchen. A healthy breakfast will make a great start to your day.
  4. Gather everything you’ll need to walk out the door in the morning – the backpack, the water bottle, the shoes and all the rest that we run out the door nearly forgetting.
  5. Check the calendar the night before and make sure you don’t realise on the morning that it’s world book day and end up having to backcomb your child’s hair, throw some toy bugs in it and call them Bad Becky (yes that is what my mum did to me – would not recommend).
  6. Get enough sleep – try to get to bed at the same time every night to build a routine, you won’t remember the Peppa Pig shaped sandwiches with too little sleep!
  7. Remember to set at least three alarms – no one has ever woken up on the first one. If this still doesn’t work, place the alarm the other side of the room and force yourself to get up to turn it off!
  8. Leave early – you’ll probably have forgotten something and have to rush back. You also know that first week back traffic is always as much carnage as a Primark sale, save yourself the wrinkles.
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