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Are Tutors Worth the Money?

Your child may be struggling in school and of course, you want to do anything you can to help them achieve what you know they’re capable of. You may have thought of getting them a tutor. Knowing if it will benefit your child can be difficult, as can knowing where to start looking.

I’m sure you’re doing everything you can to stop your child from slipping behind in their education. You’ve probably had the tears and the tantrums over complicated maths homework that’s been left to the last minute, you try to help but you can’t be good at everything! That’s where tutors come in. Their sole purpose is to teach particular subjects, tailored to your child’s needs. Yes, some may be expensive, but the price of the quality of your child’s future I’m sure you would agree is priceless. Tutors vary in cost, many of which are more affordable than you may think – what’s more important your weekly takeaway or the difference in your child working in a pub or a bank?

What to consider when finding a tutor?

  • Their skillset and qualification
  • Professional experience
  • Teaching ability
  • Personality – will they motivate your child?
  • Availability and flexibility

How to find a tutor?

Head over to our “Tutors” tab, we have loads listed, with varying skill sets and professional experience. You can easily filter by location and if they are DBS checked, as we know you always want your children in the safest hands.

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